EMERGENCY SERIES, EPISODE 2: Staying positive in a pandemic with Becky Amoi Young from Anti Diet Riot Club

Hello! We are back for an emergency series of Body Cons to help you navigate diet culture, the changing food landscape, anxiety and all the other things that may be triggering bad body image during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’ve listened to our previous series of Body Cons you might notice this one sounds a little different. This is because we’re each recording the interviews separately and making the podcast remotely. It’s not possible to travel the country together to have these conversations around people’s kitchen tables, but hopefully you’ll forgive the less than perfect sound quality of this series and still enjoy these important conversations.

This episode is introduced by Lottie, while Molly did the interview with this week’s guest. We’re joined by Becky Amoi Young, founder of Anti Diet Riot Club. Becky discusses body image during a pandemic, ways to stay positive and shares lots of useful tips and resources.


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Lottie’s tip this week: The Blurt Foundation – https://www.blurtitout.org/


Find Anti Diet Riot Club online – http://antidietriotclub.co.uk/

Anti Diet Riot Club on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/antidietriotclub

Becky’s tips:

Health At Every Size website – https://haescommunity.com/

Christy Harrison – https://christyharrison.com/

Laura Thomas PhD – http://www.laurathomasphd.co.uk/

Sonya Renee Taylor – https://www.sonyareneetaylor.com/


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