Episode 15, Season 2: Sex Positivity 101 with Ruby Rare

What’s the link between sex and mental health? Why is sex still a taboo subject in so many circles? What does it mean to be “sex positive”? What’s non-monogamy and why do we even need to know? We discuss all this and more in this special final episode of the second season of Body Cons, with sex educator, artist and body positive crusader Ruby Rare.

Episode 14, Season 2: The truth about magazines, with Terri Waters from The Unedit

Magazines often get the blame for making women feel insecure, promoting unrealistic body types and narrow beauty ideals, and not being inclusive in the bodies they present in their pages. But what’s it really like in 2019? And what’s it like to actually work on a high end fashion magazine?

Terri Waters is a fashion journalist who worked at multiple glossy magazines, before leaving the industry to set up independent body-positive publication The Unedit.