Christmas Special: The Body Cons Big Fat Pod of the Year 2019

Consider this your antidote to Christmas diet culture! We’ve brought together some of our stand-out moments from the past two series of Body Cons to create a bumper Christmas special. Best listened to while enjoying a mince pie (or 15). We’ll be back with more body love goodness and amazing guests in 2020 but in the meantime, merry Christmas and …

Episode 15, Season 2: Sex Positivity 101 with Ruby Rare

What’s the link between sex and mental health? Why is sex still a taboo subject in so many circles? What does it mean to be “sex positive”? What’s non-monogamy and why do we even need to know? We discuss all this and more in this special final episode of the second season of Body Cons, with sex educator, artist and body positive crusader Ruby Rare.

Episode 14, Season 2: The truth about magazines, with Terri Waters from The Unedit

Magazines often get the blame for making women feel insecure, promoting unrealistic body types and narrow beauty ideals, and not being inclusive in the bodies they present in their pages. But what’s it really like in 2019? And what’s it like to actually work on a high end fashion magazine?

Terri Waters is a fashion journalist who worked at multiple glossy magazines, before leaving the industry to set up independent body-positive publication The Unedit.

Episode 13, Season 2: Life with Vitiligo, with Natalie Ambersley

Natalie Ambersley was diagnosed with the Vitiligo skin condition at two years old. In this episode of Body Cons we discover how she turned her self-hate and shame around the condition into one of self-love and acceptance, becoming an ambassador for Vitiligo and helping others reach a state of peace with their diagnosis.

Episode 12, Season 2: Bodies on TV, with Barefaced TV’s Rosie Bray & Lucy Golding

‘The media’ is a catch-all term often blamed for the high beauty standards to which we hold women accountable, so what do two telly execs have to say on the subject?  Plenty, as it happens. In this episode of Body Cons we speak with Rosie Bray and Lucy Golding, the two execs behind Barefaced TV, which made Channel 4’s Naked …

Episode 10, Season 2: Activism and radical compassion, with Bear

TW: This episode contains some swearing as well as discussions alluding to eating disorders and disordered eating. Welcome to episode 10 of season 2 of Body Cons! In this episode we share what we’ve loved and hated on the subject of body image this week, we chat about Molly’s experience of intuitive movement, share our favourite ever listener email and …