A collection of conversations about bodies

Body Cons is a podcast taking a curious look at one of modern life's most pressing subjects: body image. We've travelled the country to have these conversations, tracking down the expert voices that bring real credence to every episode, opening up the conversation to listeners all over the world.

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Molly Forbes Body Cons podcast

molly forbes

Molly  is a 35 year old mum of two girls, aged four and eight. Molly decided early on in motherhood that she wouldn't get involved in diet chat, but this proved easier said than done.

As a broadcaster working in an appearance-driven industry, Molly regularly compared her body to the celebs she was talking about on the radio. After deciding to ditch diets completely in 2016 and work on her mind instead, Molly found a whole new relationship with her own body and emerged determined to delve deeper into the many issues around body image.

Molly is one of the eight bodacious bodypainted hosts on new Channel 4 show Naked Beach and now hosts regular events around confidence and body image, and is regularly asked to talk about the subject for various publications, as well as writing about it on her own blog and Instagram.

Lottie Storey

Lottie is a 41-year-old mum/step-mum of five tweens. Her interest in body image began in her teens and she ended up writing her Psychology degree dissertation on the impact of women’s magazines on self esteem (spoiler: not much has improved since 1998!).

The main focus of her writing work is food, psychology and lifestyle, and she’s written for the BBC Food website, The Simple Things magazine, Beano Parents, The Guardian and The Observer.

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Lottie Storey Body Cons podcast