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- Good Housekeeping Magazine

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Molly Forbes Body Cons podcast

molly forbes

Former journalist, turned presenter, turned body image influencer, Molly has appeared as a host on Channel 4's Naked Beach, regularly presents events around confidence and body image, and has spoken about the subject on ITV's This Morning, BBC Breakfast, Radio 1 Newsbeat and various local radio stations and podcasts.

As a 35 year old mum of two girls, Molly decided early on in motherhood that she wanted to ditch the diets, but it proved easier said than done. Working as a radio presenter in an appearance-obsessed showbiz industry, Molly often found herself comparing her body to the celebs she was writing and talking about. 

The lightbulb moment came when her eldest daughter asked her why she was weighing spinach and Molly realised there was no rational answer. And so she decided to work on changing her mindset instead of her body.

Now, Molly devotes her work to helping others make friends with their body too. And she's never weighed spinach again.

Lottie Storey

Lottie is a 41-year-old mum/step-mum of five tweens. Her interest in body image began in her teens and she ended up writing her Psychology degree dissertation on the impact of women’s magazines on self esteem (spoiler: not much has improved since 1998!).

The main focus of her writing work is food, psychology and lifestyle, and she’s written for the BBC Food website, The Simple Things magazine, Beano Parents, The Guardian, The Observer and Project Calm Magazine.

You can also find Lottie on Instagram.

Lottie Storey Body Cons podcast